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Prospect ID

Prospect ID is our new economic development website tool that turns your website visitors into business prospects. It enables you to see which businesses visit your website, which pages they look at, and more. You can use this information to greatly boost your investment attraction efforts by turning previously blind website visitors into business leads. Prospect ID allows you to get better insight into the types of businesses that are already interested in your community. Best of all, it can be simply added to your current website. With Prospect ID you will:

  • Bridge the gap from website visit to inquiry.
  • Contact investment leads at the right time.
  • Use real data to make smarter marketing decisions.

Standard website analytics don’t work for economic development

  • Data is shown in aggregate only. You can see that 200 people visited your website last week. What does that mean for you?
  • It’s impossible to tell what’s useful traffic and what isn’t. How do you know if your “unique visitors” are actually interested businesses?
  • You don’t generate investment leads. Economic development websites should generate economic development leads — so why don’t they? Because you don’t know who’s visiting.

Start using a website analytics tool designed for economic development.

Prospect ID is designed to meet the needs of today’s economic development practitioners

  • Know which businesses visit your website, what they looked at, and how they got there, and get in touch with business leads at the right time.
  • Understand and report back to your council or board with real data on who is visting your website.
  • Learn which of your marketing initiatives are bringing the best business leads to your website and make smarter marketing decisions.

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