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Do you need a reliable, flexible and easy-to-use website content management system?

Keep it simple
iCMS is a modular, web-based content management system (WCMS) that makes the process of keeping a website up to date easier.

Share the load
Assign sections of the site to different people to share the workload. Simple tools help to manage workflow and approvals.

Be accessible & be mobile
Complying with accessibility legislation and being mobile friendly is important for your website visitors. iCMS makes both easy.

No desktop software, no server, no hassle
iCMS is cloud-hosted so you can just log in and update. We look after the rest of it.

Packed with useful tools and features, iCMS 9.0 is the industry leading, responsive, multi-user, multi-website content management system. Find out more:


Unlike other similar tools, iCMS offers many different configuration choices ranging from single websites to any combination of multiple websites, public websites, private websites and multilingual websites.

  • Mobile friendly, iCMS supports responsive design
  • Accessibility compliant
  • Supports multiple websites and portals
  • Supports multilingual websites
  • Easily manages one or many users
  • Extend functionality by integrating third party tools or software

Managing Content

With iCMS anyone can easily create and edit pages. Features like content reminders and workflow approval make iCMS a flexible, powerful, yet simple tool.

  • Intuitive, web-based page and content management
  • Multi-user, multiple access levels
  • Page roll-back, audit trail tracking
  • Publishing automation and workflow
  • Integrated polls, forms and surveys

Quick Polls, Forms and Surveys

Quickly and easily create quick polls, custom forms and surveys and place them on any page of your iCMS website.

  • Create all kinds of simple polls or complex forms
  • Set up and administer short or long surveys
  • Analyze data in aggregate or view detailed submissions
  • Email or export data
  • Easily administer access to polls, forms and surveys through iCMS user management

Video and Photo Gallery

Quickly and easily add image or video collections to any page of your iCMS website.

  • Upload photos to a gallery that automatically creates thumbnails and enables slideshow viewing
  • Upload videos to a collection that viewers can browse by category and optionally comment on
  • See who last published your page and when
  • See what changes were made in previous versions

Responsive Design

Websites using the responsive web development approach automatically adjust to display the best view of the site depending on the screen size and orientation of the device that’s being used to view it. When an iCMS website is viewed on a mobile device, the site adjusts to the screen size of the device that’s being used.

Accessibility Compliance

Due to legislation such as the AODA in Ontario and Section 508 in the United States, accessible websites are becoming a requirement by law for many organizations. iCMS provides a more enjoyable experience for visitors that require an accessible site. It also simplifies publishing for the content author as it automatically generates compliant pages.

  • W3C compliant (WCAG 2.0 Level A or AA Guidelines)
  • Visitors can navigate the website without the use of a mouse
  • Scalable, high contrast, sans serif text
  • Tables used only for data
  • Descriptive links & buttons
  • And more…Download PDF:
    Website Accessibility
    An Introduction for Municipalities

Reliable & Proven

iCMS has been running websites since it’s first version was launched in 2005. A proven track record and excellent support make it an ideal choice for organizations that value reliability.

  • Cloud hosted software that can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection
  • One on one training
  • Video tutorials
  • Printable step by step guide
  • Unlimited technical support (email and telephone)

For more information download the iCMS Info Kit.

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