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Yfactor has designed, developed and launched hundreds of websites for municipalities, non-profit organizations and businesses. Many of our customers have been working with us for over 10 years. Yfactor’s online solutions are created to be both easy to manage and easy to use. Ranging from small and simple to large and complex with many custom modules, Yfactor crafts websites on all technology platforms.

We also provide the following website technology services, to assist our customers in shifting their websites to a mobile responsive format, to build traffic or to meet accessibility standards:

Mobile Responsive Sites

Websites using the responsive web development approach automatically adjust to display the best view of the page information depending on the screen size and orientation of the device that’s being used. User experience is improved, updating is easier and now search engines rank responsive sites higher. But making the shift to a responsive site can be challenging.

Yfactor can help you plan and implement your mobile website.

Download PDF:
Mobile Websites
Making the Shift to a Responsive Website

Building Website Traffic

Having a great website is just the starting point. Next you need to stand out and get your target audience to visit you.

Yfactor works with you to create programs that drive traffic to your website using online and offline tactics including PPC (Pay-per click) advertising, search engine optimization and traditional marketing techniques.

Website Accessibility

AODA or WCAG – meeting website accessibility requirements is increasingly mandatory, yet often complex, especially for existing websites, larger sites, or those managed by multiple content authors.

Yfactor identifies and resolves problems with your site, ensures compliance and trains your staff to make sure your site remains compliant.

Download PDF:
Website Accessibility
An Introduction for Municipalities

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