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Attracting the finest talent to your city can offer a welcome boost for the entire region – especially in the highly competitive digital age. But how can you remain ahead of the curve and prove that your city is the place to be? How can you attract the brightest sparks from a range of industries and convince them to set up shop in your town?

Take a look at these innovative ideas for attracting major talent from across the globe:




It’s not all about jobs

Jobs and career progression might be the key reason why most talented individuals move to a new city – but it’ll never be the reason that they stay. Amenities are essential, and you must endeavor
to promote the kind of lifestyle that talented millennials seek. Focus on the things that your city does well. If your city is renowned for its museum culture, make that a focal point of your talent attraction campaign. If your city has a thriving café culture, or great nightlife, be sure to put these key points across when you’re promoting the city as a great place for bright sparks to be.

Celebrate entrepreneurship and ambition

Make sure that you’re celebrating, promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship at every turn. That might include investing in affordable co-working spaces for new start-ups, or offering grants for new businesses in certain fields. Perhaps you’ll add a ‘New Business of the Month’ feature to your municipal website, giving one lucky start-up additional exposure for nothing. It’s important to show that your city will be the ideal environment for a fledgling business to grow and expand.

Engage with young adults

In order to make your town a welcoming, appealing place for global talent, you need to engage with the kind of young adults you’re trying to attract. Carry out surveys of talented individuals who have already chosen to move to your city, and use their responses to feed your future marketing endeavors. Try to keep in touch with former residents – you can gain important feedback on why they left and what it was that attracted them to another destination. Their thoughts and opinions on your city can be vital.

When you’re considering development plans that affect this community, you should also engage them as often as possible in the planning process. Find out what they think of the plans, and what they want to see from the development. By engaging them in this important process, you’re also helping instill a sense of loyalty and involvement.

Tell stories

Promoting your city is essential to attracting talent – they’ll never find it if they don’t know you’re there! Marketing your city in the right way will help it become that hub of millennial activity.

Telling stories is key to marketing, and you can leverage existing small business owners or successful professionals in your campaign, asking them to offer advice, tips and words of wisdom to new individuals thinking of moving to your city.