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The “Y” in Yfactor

Why do we do what we do? At Yfactor our core purpose is to strengthen the social fabric of societies by helping communities grow.

How do we do this? Yfactor is Canada’s leading specialist in marketing for communities with a focus on strategy, technology and design.

Where do we do this? Our client base is concentrated in Ontario and extends to both the west and east coast of Canada as well as south to many communities in the United States.

Yfactor is a thought-leader in marketing and technology solutions for the economic development and tourism sectors. We also support the non-profit and for-profit sectors. Yfactor is an Aptean Company.

The Yfactor “Y” represents the intersection of strategy, design and technology, which defines the work that we do. We use this 3-pronged approach to create innovative and practical marketing and technology solutions that deliver real results to our clients.


Yfactor was formed in 1997 with a forward thinking vision of helping customers achieve their business objectives by combining technology with strategy and creativity. Yfactor has used this vision to become a North American thought-leader, respected for our marketing and technology solutions.

We have worked with more than 200 clients across 13 states and provinces. With over 4000 projects completed, we have developed a proven methodology for delivering integrated solutions to our clients. That being said, each project is unique, and we continue to get excited about every new opportunity!


Intelligent, committed and fun to work with! These are the words and phrases that best describe our team. The Yfactor team is made up of experts in their fields. From technology to graphic design to economic development, we know our stuff!

Anya Codack, CEO and founder of Yfactor, brings over 20 years of municipal marketing experience to the table. Oliver Pacheco, our COO, has over 15 years of experience delivering technology and marketing project. Our CTO Brian Bajohr has over 15 years of experience in web technology.

For more details on the Yfactor team, please visit the Talent page.


Our clients’ success is our number one priority, and each member of the Yfactor team is committed to providing our clients with high-quality service that produces results.

Our values are based on teamwork, partnership, excellence and commitment. Our clients can attest to that: we have been working with some of them since we started the company!

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